March 26th, 2012

faithful and mad


7 time

(seen this very morning, under the serious moonlight)
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    let's dance // for fear your grace should fall
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bat van gogh

because it's michigan

the long series of days in the 60s and 70s is being followed by a dip to 34 during the wee hours this morning.

and just because:

today's high of 46 is the lowest high among the next ten days, most of which will reach the high 50s. at least it's not supposed to rain.

because why i don't know:

have you ever seen anything so bizarre on a weather map as this bridge of clouds?:

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    underworld - change the weather

term of art search

do you know a word which means, approximately: "to help a person exactly as much as they need to be helped but no more"?

it may start with p.
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    push me / and then just touch me / so i can get my / satisfaction
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