October 14th, 2012


man, i love detroit in the rain / i love / i love / i love in the rain

it was my fault that i didn't make it a point to check the weather, just assuming, after years of living there, it wasn't going to be raining in downtown detroit. so i was, as i so often am, unbrellaed. and it was my choice to park at the lot we have a monthly pass for after dropping c. off at the fillmore and walk a mile to save a few bucks. but it was reasonably warm (it would, bizarrely, get warmer and warmer as the night went on until it got to seventy degrees this afternoon) and i didn't mind walking through the light rain. though i wouldn't be able to watch the tigers live i was wearing my tigers hoodie and #58 galarraga tee, probably the only person sporting such regalia for regina. but i was probably the only person reading beckett during the pregame at comerica park during last year's postseason.

the concert was great though i would have loved to have heard more from the older albums. c. was a convert after the show; all aglow.

the rain was far fiercer after the show but i wouldn't have had it elsewise.
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    down in campus martius / they walk on grass that once was ice
always a tiger

wow / this is october baseball

i thought maybe i'd watch the recording of the tigers game when i got home from the concert around eleven-thirty. i wish i had. but i hadn't been able to sleep in that morning, and i just didn't have the energy. so i woke up around ten and, steadfastly avoiding the internet for fear of accidentally learning the game's outcome, sat down to take in game one.

only to discover, after eight and a half innings of terrific baseball, valverde had blown it again and the game was going into extra innings. and then, despite having added one hour to the recording time, the recording ended with the outcome undetermined in the eleventh inning. i had to find out the outcome from the internet after all. and so i loaded up the tigers' website to see which of the two possible headlines would be writ there. and found to my relief that my guy guy smyly had shut down their offense while our best bats did their part. and also learned that derek jeter had been lost for the season to an injury. and all i could say was 'wow'.
blue legacy

coincidence incidents (is there an echo in here?)

i tend to forget these little moments these days, as i tend to forget more than i used to, much more than i like.

we were celebrating the tigers' alds victory with a little champagne and there was an ad running in the background featuring alec baldwin. c. pointed at the tv "oh, look, they [alec and other actors in the commericial] are drinking champagne too." not a second later alec said "what a coincidence!" really. (in the course of the commercial he had just noticed a blimp plastered with the very slogan he had just uttered aloud.)
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always a tiger

term of art


(i knew jim leyland was old, but i didn't know he was that old! [leyland used this term of art during his press conference this afternoon])

the term brings up less than 4000 hits on google.