October 26th, 2012


the desperate colors of fall / desperate times

'she's even been adopted by the president, having performed in front of barack obama at a reception in honour of jewish-american heritage at the white house, and at a subsequent fundraising gala, for which – according to her manager – her presence was specifically requested. "i was totally excited," she reports. "he said: 'it's nice to see you outside the white house, miss spektor.'" she is a fan: "i obviously, like everyone else, wish that things could get done faster and i don't agree with all the policies, but i think on a human level... politicians like him are rare. we're lucky to have him as president. i can't begin to imagine what happens if he doesn't get elected again."

let it be written. i. am an ass.

the icing on an already delicious cake

for me was that the moderator specifically said before the third debate that the audience would be COMPLETELY silent throughout, but they could not help themselves from laughing out loud when potus made a mockery of him with sharp barbs and schoolhouse witticisms.
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