March 20th, 2013

always a tiger

our gael friday

figure this:

selection sunday (the day on which the ncaa basketball tourney participants are announced) fell this year on saint patrick's day.

in addition to perennial participant the notre dame fighting irish, there are two small schools competing whose mascot is the gaels. iona (who just missed out last year after a six year absence, losing in the play-in game from the field of 68) and saint mary's of california (who also appeared in 2005, 2008, and 2010).

speaking of the recurrences

and the divergences.

in 2008 the nba's houston rockets recorded the second-longest consecutive wins streak in the league's history, with 22 games. the loss that ended the streak occurred on march 18th of that year when they faced the boston celtics.

exactly five years later to the day, on march 18th, 2013, the boston celtics hosted the miami heat, who had accumulated exactly the same number of consecutive wins the rockets had -- 22. this time around the celtics couldn't play the spoiler and with a narrow two-point win, the heat extended their streak to 23, streaking past the rockets to another layer of the atmosphere. [birmingham, michigan's own shane battier played for the rockets during their streak and now plays for miami during their streak.]

five years to the day. what are the odds?