May 9th, 2013

charlie at the mound

automatic insight

the first card, the significator, is placed in the same way the sage is always skilful at saving men, and so he does not know: to wit, the way to the final four. even paul himself chose with his head and didn't have them winning more than one observer no doubt said to himself, "there is another poor wretch who seems to be enjoying himself!"
blue legacy

you can't fight the recurrences

belatedly, as always, here's a thing:

one of my favorite writers, the sports guy, has been on a gradual ascent to celebrity status. on friday may 3rd he wrote:

"my beloved wife and i got married 10 years ago today. (happy anniversary, honey!) my beloved celtics are trying to become the second boston team to erase a 3-0 playoff deficit against a new york team. (good luck tonight, fellas!) my dad is in town because my daughter turned 8 yesterday. (happy birthday, z, and hey, dad!) it's a great day. i'm spending it the way i always thought i would — wearing a suit, doing halftime shows and watching four game 6's in a cramped room with jalen rose, michael wilbon and magic johnson. wait, what? WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO MY LIFE????"

(this is not my beautiful wife!)

but it's the first sentence of his next paragraph that embodies three of the major things i like about him:

"true fact: this is only the second time we've had a quadruple-header of game 6's [i.e., four nba playoff games on the same night which are the sixth game of each series]. the other time? two days before i got married. now that's just goofy.1

1. all four teams up 3-2 won that night"

which is to say,
a) his use of footnotes
2) his use of phrases like 'true fact'
iii) his penchant for noticing and commenting on unusual coincidences and seemingly trivial details

so this occurrence of 4 game 6s on the same night just happened to be a decade apart, almost to the day.
but here's another true fact:

just like in 2003, in 2013 all four teams which led their series 3-2 won their game. not a single series was stretched to 7 games.
now that's just goofy.

today is the greatest

so the coincidences, in and of themselves, are remarkable, but sometimes they are so obviously orchestrated it is amusing.
friday (i'm still on friday, yes) was one of our anniversaries (we celebrate every month, in some fashion) and we didn't get as much coverage as we'd hoped so we were dining in before going out for a movie. i stopped at the gas station on the way home from work. as i got back into ophelia and pulled into the driveway out to the street, the sun shining brightly, the radio was playing the chorus of the smashing pumpkins' today ("today is the greatest / day i've ever known") and i looked over to notice the unassuming white sedan just ahead and left of me in the left turn lane bore the vanity plate 'nvrgvup'.


speaking of coincidences involving vanity plates,
just the other day, when i arrived downtown for work after eleven, and was technically late but not really late because my time is flexible and i didn't have a specific appointment, there was a hummer in my parking garage which bore the vanity plate 'imnotl8'.