June 20th, 2013

charlie at the mound

a touch of the gift

you can count on the sports guy to make copious incorrect predictions each year as he tries to forecast the unyieldingly unpredictable.
so you can say he just made a lucky guess. but in his column prior to the nba finals game six, he wrote:

"[ray allen] picked miami because he wanted to play in the finals, put more distance between him and [reggied] miller, and maybe even have a vintage moment on the biggest stage possible. it almost happened in Game 5. i think it's going to happen in one of these next two games. maybe even tonight."

and after the game ray allen was the headline after he hit the clutch three-pointer to seal a desperate heat comeback and send the game to an overtime in which his team won the game.

naming inanimate objects

i have in recent weeks acquired a couple of blue external hard drives to carry my life's data around with. i dubbed the thumb hyperboreark, a portmanteau of my own crafting which returns zero google results (technically two show up, but those are for hyperborea.rk, not the word itself). i dubbed the other scitus azure vitam erat (yes, in mixed lingua).