July 5th, 2013


everything's coming up rosé

of course not everything, never everything.
i hesitate to jubilate, but when in this state...

a couple weeks ago i bought several pairs of inexpensive sunglasses because i tend to temporarily misplace them and really want them while driving. i wore a pair today i hadn't worn since i tried it on at the store. you can't really tell by looking at the lenses but they tint rose. we were driving home from the grocer this evening and there was one of those lovely sunsets where the sun is just an isolated burning orange-red disk low on the horizon. before we saw the disk, tho we saw the faintly colored sky, which i saw as quite salmon, until i lifted my glasses and realized it was closer to a red and even greyish with the cloud haze. and then the disk, which looked red with glasses, but was quite more orange without. the glasses are just the embodiment of ongoing phenomenon though.

enjoying life lately very much. not without work and stresses, but enjoying life. i just today received the vinyl for archer avenue, which is margot's singer-songwriter's juvenalia. the fireflies, which were occasional until recently, have begun to appear in bunches. the other night there was a firefly flitting lazily about our darkened movie theater. first time for everything.

speaking of first time's, i just found and found out for the first time that ben & jerry's has released a liz lemon greek frozen yogurt, which is especially great because tina actually is greek. i've been quite taken with greek yogurt since i've discovered it & the frozen variety is wonderful, especially ben & jerry's take on it. i'm a sucker for novelty, sponsorship/branding, whimsy, and sweetness, so i'm full of bliss. so it goes. of late.