August 16th, 2013

blue legacy


another one of those things. (from wednesday)

because c. had had a long day and didn't want to make dinner and i likewise, we agreed on pizza.
because of no reason in particular we forwent other options and chose papa john's.
because i customarily forgo delivery in favor of carryout, we did so tonight.
because i wasn't paying meticulous attention to detail as i typically do, i ordered from the wrong location. why?
because the last time we ordered from pj's on the 4th of july, our usual place was closed for the holiday, forcing us to order from the woodward ave location. and,
because instead of defaulting us to our customary place, the online ordering system defaulted us to the last location we'd ordered from.
because i didn't know this, i drove due north on rochester from 14 mile to 16 mile, only to be informed my pizza was at the corner of 12 mile & woodward

so i needed to drive back two miles south to fourteen mile, an additional two miles south to twelve mile, and then approximately three miles west to woodward. woodward runs northeast and southwest rather than due north and south, so it's best to follow another road due south before getting on woodward. rochester has a little detour built into it in that area, and the next major street over, livernois/main, has a 25 mph speed limit, so i drove west on 16 mile until i reached the next major street, which is crooks, which i intended to take due south all the way to 12 mile.

because i rarely take crooks further south of 14 mile, i'd forgotten that it too runs crooked, northwest and southeast, south of 13 mile.
because i preferred woodward to crooks and had backed myself into a diagonal corner anyhow, i decided to proceed west on 14 mile from crooks to woodward.
because woodward runs one way in both directions, i would have to take a michigan left on woodward to head south, and
because the pizza place is on the northbound side of woodward, i would have to take another michigan left after passing 12 mile.

so i did. and found myself stuck in a morass of slow-moving vehicles on a packed avenue which features three lanes in each direction. but a pleasant morass for all that it was frustrating. the annual woodward dream cruise, which i've never visited, takes place this saturday, the 17th. and i didn't realize this, but apparently many of the participants, unsatisfied with a single day of cruising, have taken it upon themselves to turn the entire week leading up to the main event into an extended cruise. there are single rows of angled parking spots all up an down the sides of the avenue for miles, many of which were filled with classic cars and people of all ages sitting in lawn chairs just watching cars drive by. a parade without the focus. bizarre, really, but it's understandably fascinating to see a mixture of cars from many generations past pass by in a chaotic fleet for hours on end. and driving among them in my modern vehicle surreal as well. so it was frustrating, but nonetheless enjoyable to have found myself on this unintended diversion. although i don't know that i'd want to go anywhere near the road on saturday when it will be saturated to the point of near-immobility.

and the vanity plates! naturally, when the automobile itself functions primarily as a vanity item rather than a mode of transportation it calls for a vanity plate. they were too numerous too mention. but a couple photos, as they capture things better:

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