August 18th, 2013

bat van gogh

an accident / waiting to happen aka only the horses / can find us tonight

so a little while back i was thinking about what c. and i might choose as the theme of our christmas mix cd. last year's was double talk, with talk as the theme, which started from my delight with of monsters and men's little talks. there wasn't really a new song that stood out in my mind this year except when i heard of monsters and men's mountain song on the radio, which i like passing well, and the word that grabbed me was horses because i immediately knew i'd be able to use florence + the machine's dog days. but i wavered after discussing with c. and realizing how tough it might be to find enough songs with 'horse'.

a week ago friday, i happened to be able to leave work in the very early afternoon, and as luck would have it just as i was milling this topic in my head on the drive home, mountain song came on the radio, and while it was playing i overtook two horse trailers on the highway. and they weren't the kind that are enclosed except for slats on the side, they were the ones where you can see the horse's ass and tail flowing out the back. there were two horses in each trailer.

and then, this past monday, i heard dog days on the radio for the first time in a long while.

but then, this past friday, when i again chanced to be driving in to work a little later than i'd planned to, another song came on the radio that i already knew i'd use if we stuck with horses: u2's who's gonna ride your wild horses?. a song which, although it was the fifth single from that 1991 album, i don't recall ever hearing played on the radio before.

so horses it seems meant to be.
but we've considered making it "wild horses", so that c. can use 'wild'; she's having a hard time thinking of many horse songs she'd like to use.