August 21st, 2013


blue moon

in further proof that this year is, in fact, a blue year, woody allen's movie this year is called blue jasmine (which is 4 and 7 letters i'm just saying). we saw it the other night when our intended showing of the butler was sold out. it's pretty good but what struck me about it was that it was very verisimilitudinous. the last one had been magic realism and typically i expect a bit of a tongue-in-cheekiness, but this was quite honest.

the title also evokes 'blue jazzman', which i think was deliberate.

and the song blue moon is an important touchstone for the film, and wouldn't you know it, but this month, this very night, we are having a rare 'seasonal blue moon', which is the third full moon in a season (as hedged by solstice and equinox) which features four full moons. they occur approximately once every three years.

further proof, too, in that they released smurfs 2 this year.
let it be written. i. am an ass.

nobody expected the oscar would go to the spanish inquisition

saw the poster and then the trailer the other day for a new black & white foreign period piece called the artist and the model.

i imagine next year we'll see a black & white foreign period piece called the artist and the model and the general. and the following year the artist and the model and the general and his wife and her lover. and so on, ad infinitum.