August 24th, 2013

faithful and mad

speaking of blue moons

when i saw the blue moon low in the sky wednesday it was a rusty red.

but when i stepped out sometime just before midnight this evening to take out some trash, i looked up at the mostly full moon and saw that it was surrounded by a blue aura like flower petals. i don't mean the circular halo one often sees, though that was there too. it was more like a lunar . in fact it looked nearly exactly like the photo on this page, although the moon was white not rusty.

i asked c. to come out and confirm she was seeing the same thing i was and she did so.

i took some photos with my good camera but until i dig out the cable that links it to a pc i won't be able to share them.
as the photos were being processed by the camera's software the moon was initially surrounded by dozens of blue pixels until they coalesced into a bluish white light.
the aura was circular up close, but when i zoomed out for a distance shot the operation of the camera caused the light to arc in a vertical line above and below the moon.
i'm not sure how much of the blue will come through in the photos but i could see it somewhat in the onboard previews of the photos.

more to come.
blue legacy

here's a thing

one of those neat things the universe does on a regular basis i don't always manage to post:

c. and i were driving home from the supermarket and on our way to stop by the storage unit to drop a few things off from the house.
the song on the radio was the power of love by huey lewis, a longtime favorite of mine from back to the future.
and then we saw it: though we were on one the main boulevards, not a neighbourhood side street, a kid passed by skating on a skate board (something i rarely see). not only that but it was a roughshod, perhaps even homemade skateboard, of just simple unadorned wood, much like the skateboard that marty improvises in the past in the film. and of course power of love is the song which plays while marty skateboards through town in 1985. man, that's heavy.
goat of the sea beef

another small thing

on the same car ride home, i tuned the radio to a hits station i rarely listen to. shortly thereafter the song that came on was kt tunstall's black horse and the cherry tree, the one song that c. was certain she'd use if she were forced to use 'horses' as the theme for our christmas mix cd.

later when i got home i read a comment by my friend rustingwillpowr with horse songs she favored which included kt tunstall's.

then, just a bit ago, my computer having been rebooted due to a fuse blowing, i had to load up all of my open firefox tabs. hulu had been playing through from when i left it absentmindedly on an early august episode of the tonight show and had played all the way through the most recently aired show on august 9th. it was that show which began when the window loaded up. the musical guest for that episode? kt tunstall.