September 11th, 2013

always a tiger

magic numbers

well there wasn't much to report on the magic number front, but after tonight the tigers have knocked theirs down to lucky number 13 with 17 games to go.
and they did it in excellent fashion -- i was glad to be watching. the pitcher, rick porcello, has struggled with ups and downs his entire young career, trying to find consistency because he clearly has the talent. he's a very likable guy who wears his heart on his sleeve, clearly taking it hard when he doesn't help the team win, and with a candid grin when he's got it going. because of his inconsistency and lack of endurance he was often taken out of games after 6 innings rather than 7, and tended to struggle at the end of games where he'd pitched well early. so tonight it was great to see him pitch his first complete game (after 147 previous career games), and to see how much he's developed. and for it to come in his first start after he gave up 9 runs to the red sox in that game i mentioned where the sox scored 20 overall, was just a great turnaround. the players were all smiles after the game and so was i.

the pirates have a couple magic numbers with 18 games to go. 11 for the playoffs and a rather muddled 20 for the pennant because the scenario nightspore mentioned in reply to one of my posts at the start of the season is taking place with three teams neck and neck and neck in the nl central. and speaking of muddled, the race for the final wild card spot in the american league is exceptionally muddled. the competing teams respectively have 78, 77, 77, 77, and 76 wins. it's going to be a photo finish.
it's the sun

orange you glad you're here?

today was orange and it was orange hot out, having dropped to a high of 91. the thunderstorms have blown in to chase away the heat, but as i was driving westward home from the grocer a bit ago i was treated to an unlikely bright orange disk just on the horizon despite the fact that the rest of the sky was black and grey with lines of blue-edged white. i wanted to take a photo but once i reached a stoplight the horizon could no longer be seen, just a fraction of a ray. so what you have here is a photo of what can't be seen, so isn't worth seeing. though i always like the way light behaves on wet surfaces.

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