September 20th, 2013


summer's last

it was over 80 yesterday and today.
today after work at my regular grocer i saw they finally, bizarrely had founder's rubaeus in stock -- it's definitely a summer beer, and it's scarce enough that the big chain markets like mine typically won't even be distributed any, or it will sell out immediately, as the stone's arrogant bastard had. but for reasons unknown they'd received a huge shipment of the stuff, right about the time it should have run out altogether statewide.
i heard snatches of lana del rey's summertime sadness three times on ophelia's radio today, a song i don't even care for, though i can tolerate it, and i changed the station the first two times it came on.
walking to the parking garage after work rain was spiking down despite the sun shining unobscured and blue outnumbering any other color in the sky by a good margin.
tonight and tomorrow are the last fireworks shows at the ballpark. as it happens, c. and i are going to a friend's birthday party at a restaurant then a martini bar in downtown detroit saturday night and may just catch that last show.