October 8th, 2014

faithful and mad

not to be mistaken for a senile lion

i meant to discuss in a timely fashion but the syzygy sent livejournal into a dizzily spinning tizzy.

and so belated reference to a phenomenon that celestial geometry says cannot happen which is happening now and into the morning (here), of selenelion.

be there, or i will be cross. but they will be square. regardless.

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pearl of wisdom

ignore this (unless a capricorn)

you're anticipating an energetic blast of something new on the home front, but you may not have the patience now to turn your plans into reality. the irrepressible aries full moon eclipse destabilizes your 4th house of security, prompting you to tell your friends and family exactly what you want. don't be distracted by a false sense of urgency; you're not the only one with changing needs. the current events are part of a larger process; instead of worrying about your immediate satisfaction today, widen your perspective for the benefit of all.
bat van gogh

what sounds like batman smells?

speaking of batman,

last weekend, c.'s brother will and niece s. were in from boston, and a group of the family were playing charades.

i got the song "jingle bells" and after giving the sign for 'sounds like' i acted out 'batman smells', prompting a mystified c. to ask the titular question. which i thought was a good one. out of context. i think i'd go with an oiled leather riding crop striking the rear of a carriage horse.