November 5th, 2014

owl i gave was me

great coincidences make for great stories

but great stories seem fabricated by virtue of their greatness.

one of my great pleasures is the moments when a business establishment that one patronizes happens to be tuned to the same radio station as one's automobile. because it's so very cinematic to go from one environ to another without disruption in one's soundtrack. it's better when it's entirely random, of course.

for example, the first time it happened to me at the indoor storage unit where i store all the detritus (to all other eyes) of my youth, along with the halloween and christmas decorations that don't fit into the house, and other such and sundry, i randomly happened to be tuned to the classic hits station (60s-80s hits but leaning more toward rock and more toward 60s-70s), one of eight i flip between, and one i seldom stay long with, and upon entering the x-filian warehouse hallways, heard the continuation of the tom petty song i'd just been hearing in ophelia.

now, however, knowing which radio station the storage facility uses, i tune to it deliberately, and while the continuity is nice, the random grace note is missing.

so then, tonight, i stopped at a gas station (to play lost numbers, not refuel), and upon exiting the station heard the cover of life is a highway by rascal flatts over the tinny speakers of the station. and as ophelia came to life i heard the song continue in full rich sound through her speakers. the station was another that i seldom listen to, an "adult contemporary" station which, according to its website, intends to switch to the annual christmas format starting tomorrow. what luck.

the further significance of this episode being that the original version of that song, an old guilty pleasure of mine, is virtually guaranteed to appear on this year's annual christmas mix cd (we craft one each year now as gifts), if it survives the whittling process, as expected.

i do need to say more about our mix, but unlike that radio station, i don't begin the christmas season until after thanksgiving.
go south!

speaking of unlikely coincidences and memory plays

bythos has been transplanted somewhat -- i cloned him upon an external drive (along with the other data brethren that coexist with him in his original home) which has very recently been attached to a laptop.

in order to save time when adding music files to the winamp player, i just had winamp add the entire contents of the external drive. this means, in addition to every type of audio file, it adds every type of video file that includes audio to the library from which it rifles.

so just minutes ago, bythos shuffled to audio of a video file that would otherwise never be in his library. that video was me recording myself at jade beach on november 19, 2010 reading aloud a passage from a novella set at jade beach. i'm very far away from that place and time now but i would not want to be very far away from anywhere else.

there is more, of course, but that seems to be all of this thing i wanted to tell. the "more" is just what happened next and keeps on happening--each day's new gorilla nest.