November 25th, 2014

let it be written. i. am an ass.

speaking of

ophelia and the rolling stones and the passage of time,

while the stones can't get no satisfaction, i can and finally have, and after the passage of some number of days have received corresponding correspondence:

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freedom is a giddy thing.

and fitting then, that the day i finally received the letter i had taken the other ophelia with me to the football game. (after having been probably the only person to bring rosencrantz and guildenstern to an nfl game the last time detroit hosted some other pair of cities' monday night football game, i feel i have been the only person to have brought ophelia to one.)

i should say

that the winds were howling today.
vortex or otherwise, for hours on end they've been howling, gusting up to 60 mph.
i walked through quite a bit of it, some on the long walk from my parking garage to the football stadium, some on the return trip.

my fortune cookie for the day said that i can't change the direction of the wind, i can only set my sails.