December 4th, 2014

daft as jack

(no subject)

more than a little inebriated.
celebratory myself.
turns out when two friends meet to drink it's not always for the same reasons.
i worry about my friend. i hope for the best but beneath all of my optimism i'm a cynic and always have been.
on a different front, i've got a story to tell. postponed by a technological hiccup among other things. but very very soon.
still celebratory. you can open your inbox and see the message you were waiting to see. she can make the call and get the response she was waiting to hear.
good news good news good news for the present. later your future may be like his. may be like theirs.
still celebratory right now.

well travelled

you see weird things on dollar bills from time to time.
i had a twenty with an ink-stamp from the valley of jaguars or chaguarpamba in ecuador which is in a small province far from the capital, quito. who knows.
it's got a where's george marking now though. for all the good that will do.