December 30th, 2014

fucking magnets!

these things happen?

our christmas mix turned into (as it was clearly meant to all along) a very special mix, one which spans the arc of our lives for almost the past ten years.
and thus turned out to require four discs (!) to hold the eighty-seven songs.
several songs i chose were surprises for c., including songs she'd never heard before, and since i crafted the order, utilizing her song selections and mine, she had not had a chance to hear them or see the final order until just before i gifted them to her family members on christmas day.

and christmas itself was a blur, all the way through monday morning, when i had to return to detroit for a short work week.

so on monday, as i was preparing to leave, i put a set of the four discs in c.'s minivan. she'd listened to the first disc front to back, so i popped the second disc into the player. and waited for it to play to make sure it worked properly. it did and the first track, oasis' wonderwall began to play. after a few handful of seconds i zipped the player back to the beginning of the track and shut off the van. i then walked over to my car to move it from the street (where it had been parked so as not to obstruct the driveway) to the driveway so i could more easily pack my things before leaving. the instant i turned my car on i heard the familiar strains of wonderwall, about thirty seconds in. i thought for a second that i must've left a copy of the second disc in my car's player. but no, it was the radio. it wasn't the likeliest of stations to hear the song on either, the indie radio station wyep, which plays more non-mainstream stuff like belle & sebastian, sufjan stevens, neko case, xtc, cat power, feist, donovan frankenreiter, and when not playing newer artists tends to play things like the rolling stones, velvet underground, stevie nicks and fleetwood mac, pretenders, or neil young, rather than a 90s pop darling like oasis. but regardless...wonderwall on disc to wonderwall on radio, picking up right where the one left off. impossible! ... impossible! i am not sure you know just how strongly i believe this to be impossible. but completely and astoundingly true.