May 17th, 2015

blue legacy

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our saturday afternoon was spent at othello, c.'s mother having invited c. & i to join her. the review in the gazette is well written and i agree with it almost entirely, although i think he saves the minor cast members with loud praise. as he says the story is quite simple and it's one of my least favorite of the canon although there are still, as always, several nice turns of phrase. iago gets the better material to work with, but the actors for both he (jeremy kushnier) and othello (teagle f. bougere -- what a name!!) were both quite impressive. however, and it's not his fault, mr. bougere very much reminded me, especially with his voice, of kevin hart, whom i can only really mentally associate with a comedic role, which was disconcerting. i could not locate a bio for bougere (i'm imagining a new orleans origin for the name...) but whilst searching came across the impostors, which i feel i really ought to watch, even if it is as unappealing as the san francisco chronicler suggests.