May 15th, 2016


(no subject)

saw the stage play tru this afternoon. anyone else see it? were you nearly as bored as i was?

it seems like capote the person was interesting enough to have a play devoted to him (i haven't seen the movie about him and didn't know much more about him than a three-paragraph biographical summary) but that the execution here was lacking.

i'm not fully certain, but it may have been the first monodrama i've ever watched live. and i think the format was a large part of my problem with it -- bits and pieces depicted tru in situ, but it was essentially the man telling stories for the entirety, like he had cornered you at a cocktail party. potentially interesting but not as a stage play. very similar to a stand up comedian, or like when kevin smith goes on tour and just tells stories from his life to live audiences. but even taking it as "a night with truman capote" there was a serious lack of interesting material.