July 20th, 2016

47 ronin

i ching

the second line, divided, shows the attribute of being straight, square, and great. its operation, without repeated efforts, will be in every respect advantageous.

the fourth line, divided, shows the symbol of a sack tied up. there will be no ground for blame or for praise.

the fifth line, divided, shows the yellow lower garment. there will be great good fortune.

the situation is shifting, and yang (the active masculine force) is becoming much more powerful.

the future is embodied in hexagram 47 - k'un (oppression): despite exhaustion, there may yet be progress and success. for the firm and correct, the really great man, there will be good fortune. he will fall into no error.

let it be written. i. am an ass.

at bottom

the card at the bottom represents what you cannot confront or are hiding from yourself. king of coins, when reversed: if intelligent, one susceptible to the influence of the child of saturn, accidia, the inertia and melancholy of the philosophers.

in your spiritual life...

words that embody your presence are "philosophy".

words that embody things that may be a part of you are "book, charm, cyan, gasp, wife".

"from seattle i go on to alaska." "alaska?" she looked at him in astonishment. "are you going to paint the indians?" "paint?" the young man frowned. "oh! i'm not a painter, alexandra. i'm an engraver. i have nothing to do with painting."