November 1st, 2019

penny farthing


be there, or be square!
(and i can't help but conject you're loathe to sacrifice your octagonality.)
although to be fair, a square pair, has, i figure, eight.
(with proper allineation).
neither numbers among the pernicious.
and, as "they" say, there is strength in numbers.
(there is everything in numbers
but not equally
which is, i suppose, the point)
i belabor,
circling the square's essence when
the root of this radical exhortation:
precisely, simply
being there
that should need to be imparted
(nothing imparted really so much as reported:
the existence of a place within the place
one could never cease to be
when one's being's there
in essence
owl i gave was me

11/1 11:11:11

listening to 11:11 by regina at 11:11 on 1/11 [as a prelude to 11/11]. (not that this should be the only time or day one ought to be listening to 11:11 [far from it!])