November 21st, 2019

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noticing new things on rewatches of twin peaks,

watching the first episode of s3 again i notice that constance talbot, the forensics specialist at the buckhorn police department, has on her (otherwise tidy) desk, in addition to two paperweights (one appears to be a bust of abraham lincoln, the other a simple glass dome), a small amount of crumpled paper, or possibly origami, it's very hard to make out, that resembles, from a distance, a blue rose. but we never do get any sort of closeup.

and then i pay a bit more attention to the fact the lead detective, macklay, while searching the trunk of william hastings, has a broken flashlight which emits light in a regular rhythmic pulse of white, rather than a steady beam. disruptions to light sources and other electrical apparatus are a common occurrence in various locales in the story, going all the way back to the autopsy of laura palmer.
i never thought tonight could ever be /

more along those lines

rewatching twin peaks:

from the red room scene in s3e2 i'm reminded of something i noticed the first time which i hadn't seen talked about: the laura palmer entity's left hand doesn't look like her hand. it may just be a fluke of the way things appear but to me it looks very purple and wrinkled and ancient, unlike her right hand which we see pull away her face. we see it quite up close because she hides her mouth while she's whispering to coop.

what's new about that which i learned tonight from a blog post is that right before she whispers to coop we hear a woman's voice faintly say "whisper" in a commanding tone. the blogger speculates that it is the voice of sarah palmer and having listened to it with my television at dangerously high volume (especially considering the high pitched screaming which follows very shortly afterward) i find this to be very plausible. [i considered the idea that it was a stagehand giving sheryl lee a timing prompt, but since the red room scenes are filmed backwards and the prompt should therefore appear after the whispering, i find that unlikely.] the blogger makes the argument that judy is controlling or possessing the laura palmer entity to some extent (thus a verbal command to trigger her actions), and i personally think that the weird look to her left hand may reveal that it is the part of her that is possessed. (noting by parallel that philip gerard is missing his left arm.)