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stole that from my family; stole that from a friend; stole that from a stranger


'i am not so presumptuous as to believe that,' said he, 'though you tell it me; but if it were so, i am rather
particular in my notions of a companion for life, and perhaps i might not find one to suit me among the ladies
you mention.'
'if you require perfection, you never will.'
'i do not - i have no right to require it, as being so far from perfect myself.'

and the fall-rope whines through the sheave;
it's "gang-plank up and in," dear lass,
it's "hawsers warp her through!"
and it's "all clear aft" on the old trail, our own trail, the out trail,
we're backing down on the long trail -- the trail that is always new.
o the mutter overside, when the port-fog holds us tied,
and the sirens hoot their dread!
when foot by foot we creep o'er the hueless viewless deep
to the sob of the questing lead!

and thus, dear eros, i have made and paid my recantation, as well and as
fairly as i could; more especially in the matter of the poetical figures
which i was compelled to use, because phaedrus would have them. and now
forgive the past and accept the present, and be gracious and merciful to
me, and do not in thine anger deprive me of sight, or take from me the art
of love which thou hast given me, but grant that i may be yet more esteemed
in the eyes of the fair. and if phaedrus or i myself said anything rude in
our first speeches, blame lysias, who is the father of the brat, and let us
have no more of his progeny; bid him study philosophy, like his brother
polemarchus; and then his lover phaedrus will no longer halt between two
opinions, but will dedicate himself wholly to love and to philosophical

yet no sooner did he feel shoal water under his ponderous belly than he backed like a torpedo-boat, and the snarl

of the reel told me that my labor was in vain. a dozen times, at least, this happened ere the line hinted he had

given up the battle and would be towed in. he was towed. the landing-net was useless for one of his size, and i

would not have him gaffed. i stepped into the shallows and heaved him out with a respectful hand under the gill,

for which kindness he battered me about the legs with his tail, and i felt the strength of him and was proud.

will you please to explain this matter? what! is Honesty dumb too?-- sir peter, though i found you in the dark--perhaps you are not so now--all mute! well tho' i can make nothing of the affair, i make no doubt but you perfectly understand one another--so i'll leave you to yourselves.

the modern fighting man is as individualised as a half back or a centre forward in a football team. personal fighting has become "scrapping" again, an individual adventure with knife, club, bomb, revolver or bayonet. in this war we are working out things instead of thinking them out, and these enormous changes are still but imperfectly apprehended. the trained and specialised military man probably apprehends them as feebly as anyone.

Verily, god will defend those who believe; verily, god loves not any misbelieving traitor.
permission is given to those who fight because they have been wronged,-and, verily, god to help them has the might,-who have been driven forth from their homes undeservedly, only for that they said, 'our lord is god;' and were it not for god's repelling some men with others, cloisters and churches and synagogues and mosques, wherein god's name is mentioned much, would be destroyed. but god will surely help him who helps him; verily, god is powerful, mighty.

beloved pan, and all ye other gods who haunt this place, give me
beauty in the inward soul; and may the outward and inward man be at one.
May i reckon the wise to be the wealthy, and may i have such a quantity of
gold as a temperate man and he only can bear and carry.--anything more?
the prayer, i think, is enough for me.

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