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the second line, divided, shows its subject keeping the calves of his legs at rest. he cannot help the subject of the line above whom he follows, and is dissatisfied in his mind.
the third line, undivided, shows its subject keeping his loins at rest, and separating the ribs from the body below. the situation is perilous, and the heart glows with suppressed excitement.
the fourth line, divided, shows its subject keeping his trunk at rest. there will be no error.
the fifth line, divided, shows its subject keeping his jawbones at rest, so that his words are all orderly. occasion for repentance will disappear.
the sixth line, undivided, shows its subject devotedly maintaining his restfulness. there will be good fortune.

i saw that, quite near, what i had taken to be a reddish mass of rock was moving slowly towards me. then i saw the thing was really a monstrous crab-like creature. can you imagine a crab as large as yonder table, with its many legs moving slowly and uncertainly, its big claws swaying, its long antennae, like carters' whips, waving and feeling, and its stalked eyes gleaming at you on either side of its metallic front? its back was corrugated and ornamented with ungainly bosses, and a greenish incrustation blotched it here and there. i could see the many palps of its complicated mouth flickering and feeling as it moved.

so much was this the case that in the interval after the second act, he sought the dressing-room shared by polichinelle and rhodomont. polichinelle was in the act of changing.
"i shouldn't trouble to change," he said. "the piece isn't likely to go beyond my opening scene of the next act with leandre."
"what do you mean?"
"you'll see." he put a paper on polichinelle's table amid the grease-paints. "cast your eye over that. it's a sort of last will and testament in favour of the troupe. i was a lawyer once; the document is in order."

the first line, undivided, shows one ready to move with confused steps, but he treads at the same time reverently, and there will be no mistake.

she thinks she missed the train to mars.
she's out back counting stars.

till even the clear face of the guileless king,
and trustful courtesies of household life,
became her bane; and at the last she said,
`o lancelot, get thee hence to thine own land,
for if thou tarry we shall meet again,
and if we meet again, some evil chance
will make the smouldering scandal break and blaze
before the people, and our lord the king.'

a stranger though she was, the child seemed to be on as familiar terms with violet and peony, and they with her, as if all the three had been playmates during the whole of their little lives. the mother thought to herself that it must certainly be the daughter of one of the neighbors, and that, seeing violet and peony in the garden, the child had run across the street to play with them. so this kind lady went to the door, intending to invite the little runaway into her comfortable parlor; for, now that the sunshine was withdrawn, the atmosphere, out of doors, was already growing very cold.

fecit etiam rex salomon thronum de ebore grandem et vestivit eum auro fulvo nimis
qui habebat sex gradus et summitas throni rotunda erat in parte posteriori et duae manus hinc atque inde tenentes sedile et duo leones stabant iuxta manus singulas
et duodecim leunculi stantes super sex gradus hinc atque inde non est factum tale opus in universis regnis

(king solomon also made a great throne of ivory: and overlaid it with the finest gold.
it had six steps: and the top of the throne was round behind: and there were two hands on either side holding the seat: and two lions stood, one at each hand,
and twelve little lions stood upon the six steps, on the one side and on the other: there was no such work made in any kingdom.)

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