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everybody was kung fu fighting. those cats were fast as lightning.

tuesday ii.

the first line, undivided, shows its subject returning and pursuing his own course. what mistake should he fall into? there will be good fortune.
the fifth line, undivided, shows its subject possessed of sincerity, and drawing others to unite with him. rich in resources, he employs his neighbours in the same cause with himself.

in your private life...
words that embody your presence are "crucifix, harvest, outside, passion, saturn, tolerance."
words that embody the people or things that you interact with are "angel, art, candle, greed, mate, pagan, rat, sable."
words that embody things that you may be a part of are "juxtaposition."
words that embody people or things in your periphery are "astronaut, butterfly, electricity, enthusiasm, transformation."

i've thought it out on the quiet, the same as it ought to be done -- quiet, and decent, and proper -- an' here's your orders, my son.

and pulling off his necklace of blue stones he threw it into the crowd as the pledge of his oath.

(the world being under the guidance of a spiritual, and not a physical being)

we stood there, each avoiding the other's eyes; we spoke low and reverently in the presence of death, and we tacitly avoided any mention of the suspicion that was in every mind.

the second line, undivided, shows the crane crying out in her hidden retirement, and her young ones responding to her. it is as if it were said, "i have a cup of good spirits", and the response were, "i will partake of it with you".
the fifth line, undivided, shows its subject perfectly sincere, and linking others to him in closest union.

he fancies himself permitted to cull the blessings of every condition, and to leave its inconveniences to the idle and the ignorant. he is inclined to believe no man miserable but by his own fault, and seldom looks with much pity upon failings or miscarriages, because he thinks them willingly admitted, or negligently incurred.

'fling our doors wide! all, all, not one, but all,
not only he, but by my mother's soul,
whatever man lies wounded, friend or foe,
shall enter, if he will. let our girls flit,
till the storm die! but had you stood by us,
the roar that breaks the pharos from his base
had left us rock. she fain would sting us too,
but shall not. pass, and mingle with your likes.
we brook no further insult but are gone.'

the syr. nay, in sooth, it is not on that i pride myself.
soc. well, on what then?
the syr. why, on the silly fools who come and see my puppet show. i live on them.

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