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on a path.

these days which, like yourself,
seem empty and effaced
have avid roots that delve
to work deep in the waste.


wednesday ii

the fourth line, undivided, shows its subject falling into no error, but meeting the exigency of his situation, without exceeding in his natural course. if he go forward, there will be peril, and he must be cautious. there is no occasion to be using firmness perpetually.

the card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. four of cups (luxury), when reversed: new possibilities. new relationships. new approaches to old problems. new knowledge.

but now, when, as i have said, i began to be
weary of the fruitless excursion which i had made so long and so
far every morning in vain, so my opinion of the action itself began
to alter; and i began, with cooler and calmer thoughts, to consider
what i was going to engage in; what authority or call i had to
pretend to be judge and executioner upon these men as criminals,
whom heaven had thought fit for so many ages to suffer unpunished
to go on, and to be as it were the executioners of his judgments
one upon another; how far these people were offenders against me,
and what right i had to engage in the quarrel of that blood which
they shed promiscuously upon one another. i debated this very
often with myself thus: "how do i know what god himself judges in
this particular case?

she had read this work
long since; but now it seemed to open a new world to her--the only
one worth inhabiting. sleep was not to be wooed; yet, far from being
fatigued by the restless rotation of thought, she rose and opened her
window, just as the thin watery clouds of twilight made the long
silent shadows visible. the air swept across her face with a voluptuous
freshness that thrilled to her heart, awakening indefinable emotions;
and the sound of a waving branch, or the twittering of a startled bird,
alone broke the stillness of reposing nature. absorbed by the sublime
sensibility which renders the consciousness of existence felicity, maria
was happy, till an autumnal scent, wafted by the breeze of morn from the
fallen leaves of the adjacent wood, made her recollect that the season
had changed since her confinement; yet life afforded no variety to
solace an afflicted heart.

it is a maxim, the quarry should be weaker than the pursuer.

the third line, undivided, shows a well, which has been cleared out, but is not used. our hearts are sorry for this, for the water might be drawn out and used. if the king were only intelligent, both he and we might receive the benefit of it.

even at the first glance it was evident that women were in a great majority.

"no, no," said jude hastily. "i don't want to be reminded of those things; and if you talk about them i shall not help you."

or, if we fear the night may gather rain
ere we arrive, then singing let us go,
our way to lighten; and, that we may thus
go singing, i will ease you of this load.
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