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profitable idleness

a great deal of the pleasure of life lies in bringing together things which have no connection. that is the secret of humour--at least so we are told by the philosophers who explain the jests that other men have made--and in regard to travel, i am quite sure that it must be illogical in order to be entertaining. the more contrasts it contains, the better.

for when any two metals were connected by a third, their relation to each other was such that a complete neutralisation of the electric motion was the result.

it was such things, however, which helped to identify to tarzan and to taug the appearance of the abductor, and with his individual scent characteristic already indelibly impressed upon their memories, they were in a far better position to know him when they came upon him, even should he have disposed of teeka before, than is a modern sleuth with his photographs and bertillon measurements, equipped to recognize a fugitive from civilized justice.

hope, no more to be quenched by the years that overwhelm, or made ashamed by the shadows that betray

i'm down here waitin on a shattered heart
i'm gonna put it back together if it tears me apart
i've been complaining like a broken record
i'm gonna get what i want if it takes forever
though the rain weighs down your wings
still the caged bird's got to sing
nothing in the world's gonna keep me down
i'm just holdin' out
just hangin' around

brandenburg concerto no. 4 in g - adante

sour yellow sounds inside my head
i must fight this sickness
and there's no danger
we're just killing time again
while they order up new parts
we're in repair

you're put down in her book
you're number thirty-seven, have a look

three can be as bad as two
it's the loneliest number since the number two
infinity can be as bad as infinity minus one
it's the loneliest number since the number infinity minus one
and these crimes between us grow deeper


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