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oh em gee the irony & how it all fits together (auto expanded)

the devil's in my dreamin'
he reminds me that i'm sleepin'
in my hotel room alone
with nothin' to believe in
just dive into the water,
let me rest there in your lodges;
change me, too, into a beaver!

where is that devil's butcher, hard-favour'd richard?--richard, where art thou?
give me another horse. bind up my wounds. have mercy, jesu! soft! i did but dream. o coward conscience, how dost thou afflict me! the lights burn blue. it is now too late to remedy the evil that has been said and thought in the world.

i did mistake my person all this while;
upon my life, she found, although i cannot,
myself to be a marvellous proper man.
i'll be at charges for a looking-glass;
modern discoveries, indeed, in what may be termed ethical magnetism or magnetoesthetics, render it probable that the most natural, and, consequently, the
truest and most intense of the human affections are those which arise
in the heart as if by electric sympathy -- in a word, that the
brightest and most enduring of the psychal fetters are those which
are riveted by a glance. the confession i am about to make will add
another to the already almost innumerable instances of the truth of
the position.

i'm a dick. in a lot of senses.

for all thing's i've lost
i've resigned myself
to try and make a change
i'm going out to hollywood
they're gonna make a movie
from the things that i've got
crawlin' round my brain

i wish i was a girl
so that you could believe me
and i could shake this static
every time i try to sleep
i wish for all the world
that i could say elizabeth
you know
i'm doin' all right
these days

but i can't sleep at night

what do i fear? myself? there's none else by:
richard loves richard; that is, i am i.
is there a murderer here? no. yes, i am:
then fly. what, from myself? great reason why:
lest i revenge. what, myself upon myself?
alack. i love myself. wherefore? for any good
that i myself have done unto myself?
oh, no! alas, i rather hate myself
for hateful deeds committed by myself!
i am a villain: yet i lie. i am not.
fool, of thyself speak well: fool, do not flatter.
my conscience hath a thousand several tongues,
and every tongue brings in a several tale,
and every tale condemns me for a villain.
perjury, perjury, in the high'st degree
murder, stem murder, in the direst degree;
all several sins, all used in each degree,
throng to the bar, crying all, guilty! guilty!
i shall despair. there is no creature loves me;
and if i die, no soul shall pity me:
nay, wherefore should they, since that i myself
find in myself no pity to myself?

it makes me think of
the bad decisions
that keep you at home
how could anyone else have changed?
look, these are wrong conclusions
that leave you alone
how could everyone rearrange?
how could everyone else have changed?
what i see
i believe


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