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a big red dog that may be owned by who / knows)

only turn a little your. so. And

there's the moon, there is something faithful and mad

so lay close together
dressed in red and yellow
in a song forever

if you were outside at all last night
the stars were blazing like rebel diamonds
cut out of the sun
and the moon sang it a lullaby
about the good ol' days
the honest man
the restless heart
the promised land
a subtle kiss
that no one sees
a broken wrist
and a big trapeze
so what
i don't mind if you don't mind
cos i don't shine if you don't shine

thursday xxvii

ain't it funny how you just break down
waitin' on some sign?
there's a ladybug on my faithless cd
how's that?

"i don't like to fail. i won't even try something if i think there's a risk of failure."

"the truth, therefore, you must tell me the truth, and get the others away, so i can speak to you alone. you must do this - or else i'll tell george about the handsome carpenter in church street, or about franz schmid, or - "

in the love between a man and a woman there always comes a moment when this love has reached its zenith--a moment when it is unconscious, unreasoning, and with nothing sensual about it.

"italy," said captain pirelli, "isn't a girl. and she hasn't been playing bridge."
i incline on the whole to his point of view.

may god at length have mercy

you're connecting the dots like a bored child when suddenly you realize they form a bigger picture. your workday is a series of exciting discoveries, each leading to a wider and clearer glimpse of the truth.
are you running the risk of getting too big for your britches? just in case, you should give yourself a reality check today -- before someone else does! make an effort to get more grounded. spend time with people who live a different lifestyle. get a glimpse of what their biggest issues, goals, and concerns are. just having a short conversation with a stranger at the grocery store will wake you up to the reality of your situation -- and make you much more grateful for what you have.

and now that the gig is up
the spell is broken
the fat lady's sung
the president has spoken
these days that you were waitin' for
will come and go like any day
just another day

there's never gonna be a moment of truth for you
while the world is watchin'
all you need is a thing you've forgotten
and that's to learn to live with what you are

slippin’ in my faith
until i fall
you never returned
that call

the idea of perfection holds me
how can i change the world if i can't even change myself?

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