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saturday vii

britten and i looked at our world and saw--what did we see? forms and colours side by side on the bed. the clock on the mantelpiece had been knocked into the fireplace and then pounded to pieces. all the looking-glasses in the room were smashed.

the first (bottommost) line, divided, shows its subject bringing around him the men of brilliant ability. there will be good fortune.

ten of swords (ruin), when reversed: the dark essence of air behaving as earth, such as a sandstorm: the approach of an unexpected challenge, met with muddled thought and unjust action. a person filled with a destructive appetite for all matters of mind and logic. voyeurism, espionage, and misguided witch hunts. the use of thinking of yourselves as intelligent beings, you
will be in danger of--helenism. to think of this release of sexual love and the love of a young and joyous existence had forced her footsteps into the light, her soul had stayed in the shadow which we cannot grasp, but in the other, you have thrown down a barrier
which concealed significance and beauty. the blind man has learned
to see. the prisoner has opened up a window in his cell and
beholds enchanting prospects; he will never enjoy it; as I have seen in the glass of contemplation. the scattering of energies by strong desires and unrealistic goals. the pursuit of knowledge. insecurity leading to dishonor, vice, and undue susceptibility to outside influences.

i'm never alone
i'm alone all the time
are you at one
or do you lie?
we live in a country where that sort of thing does not happen."
i realized today that i only responded in that way because it hasn't happened in my lifetime. if i look back such a very short time, in my parents' lifetime, in my grandparents' lifetime, that sort of thing did happen in my country. here is a list:
elijah p. lovejoy 11/7/1837
abraham lincoln 4/15/1865
john middleton clayton 1/29/1889
frank steunenberg 12/30/1905
frank little 8/1/1917
harry tyson moore 12/25/1951
huey p. long 9/10/1935
george w. lee 5/7/1955
lamar smith 8/13/1955
emmett till 8/28/1955
william l. moore 4/23/1963
medgar evers 6/12/1963
john fitzgerald kennedy 11/22/1963
james chaney, andrew goodman, michael schwerner 6/21/1964
malcolm x 2/21/1965
james reeb 3/11/1965
jonathan daniels 8/20/1965
vernon dahmer 1/11/1966
martin luther king, jr. 4/4/1968
robert francis kennedy 6/6/1968
mark clark, fred hampton 12/4/1969
james m. hinds 10/22/1968
allison krause, jeffrey glen miller, sandra lee scheuer, william knox schroeder, dean kahler 5/4/1970
richard oakes 9/20/1972
harvey milk, george moscone 11/27/1978
allard k. lowenstein, 3/14/1980

and i wonder, is the reason why his
heart always sank when the clouds of love that held us
blind to the new world soon to be ours --
ours to seize and sway. the passion
of that great love was a nameless passion,
bright as the blaze of the sun at noonday,
wild as the flames of the martyrdom of joan of arc, phaedra's misguided passion, medea's jealousy, lady macbeth's ambition. fire, if left to burn unchecked, can consume the soul.
the middle card represents a critical element of the present. six of swords (science): a daring expedition. an excursion or trip. courageous act. show of bravery.

one party to a contract may violate it--break it, so to speak; but does it not require all to lawfully rescind it?

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