cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well


the night is dark and i am lonely...
there are so many things i've left unsaid...
so many things left undone...

saturday iv

foundations before roofs.

on either side to left and right
are traced the utmost twain, stiff with blue ice,
and black with scowling storm-clouds, and betwixt
these and the midmost, other twain there lie,
by the gods' grace to heart-sick mortals given,
and a path cleft between them, where might wheel
on sloping plane the system of the Signs.

'and now,' said he, 'that you have somewhat restored yourself, will you be kind enough to tell me what i come seeking in the name of which he has put in motion, without thinking of the possibility of my
father's hand, i know not which is the swiftest of all things: / all were eternal torment"
vigorous and imaginative assertion is strongly indicated. experiencing the relativity of time. the speeding-up of events or gathering of energy. falling in love, or being swept off your feet by uncontrollable lust. information overload. the internet. forces aligning and assembling around their perception of what you mean. in the creative process: a time of intense mental focus. perfectionism. personal detachment and self-possession. working on your own, or in isolation.

tomorrow's back to work and down to sanity
should run a bath and then clear up the mess i made before i left here
try to remind myself that i was no longer dreaming.

the schools of ancient philosophy which seem so far from perfect myself.'

and the fall-rope whines through the sheave;
it's "gang-plank up and in," dear lass,
it's "hawsers warp her through!"
and it's "all clear aft" on the old trail, our own trail, the out trail,
we're backing down on the sofa to watch the proceedings, now he sprang up with an exclamation: "through the keyhole?"
"through the keyhole," answered muller.
"it is scarcely possible."
"shall we try it?"

this seemed to suggest to our little friend another game, which she called "turning the mill."

gentles, perchance you wonder at this show,
but wonder on, till truth make all things plaine.

he had showed me gwendolen's photograph with the remark that she wasn't pretty but was awfully interesting; she had published at the age of the overworked, and the under-
educated; the age in which he is conveyed into a bag made for the purpose.

snake fighting/life/strong food and strange drink/at midnight
Tags: automatic writing, bricolage

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