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ringtone survey

out of curiosity

1)do you ever pay for ringtones & if so how often?
2)do you assign each of your friends a unique ringtone, or maybe just groups of friends?
3)how many ringtones (that didn't come with the phone) do you have on your phone?
4)what is your current ringtone for unknown and/or unassigned callers, and how often do you change it?
5)what's the funniest ringtone you've ever heard (if one stands out)?
6)is there a ringtone that came with the phone that you used for any length of time?
7)how many of your friends know what ringtone you've assigned them(assuming you have)?
8)if i am/were to be assigned a ringtone by you, what is it/would it be?
9)anything else you wanted to add about the subject?

my answers:
1)never have
2)each unique
3)old phone 22, new phone just 3 but working on adding more
4)old phone: outkast - the whole world (no vocals), never changed it; new phone: fischerspooner vs pink floyd - never win the wall, will change it when inspiration strikes
5)i don't have a really good one for this, but one time when i was at a bar this guy's phone rang and it played 'man! i feel like a woman' by shania twain. maybe he was borrowing his gf's phone, i didn't ask
6)old phone: some instrumental called "asian jingle"; new phone: i may use one called post_boogie
7)many but by no means all
9)it would be nice if text messages from contacts would use their unique ringtone

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