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it's thursday already!!!
thursday xxx

these studies focus our attention on the following points which are valuable to emphasize for the purpose of this monograph: the complexity of details to be examined in the life of any one patient in whose delinquencies pathological lying is a factor, the variety of cases in which this factor may occur, hence the difficulties in the way of determining the extent to which the patient is responsible for his deeds and whether he belongs in a reformatory or an insane hospital.

our friend resignedly expressed himself. he spoke even with a certain philosophic humour. "there's nothing more to wait for; i seem to have done a good day's work. i've let them have it all round. i've seen chad, who has been to london and come back. he tells me i'm 'exciting,' and i seem indeed pretty well to have upset every one. i've at any rate excited him. he's distinctly restless."

"you've excited me," miss gostrey smiled. "i'm distinctly restless."

"oh you were that when i found you. it seems to me i've rather got you out of it. what's this," he asked as he looked about him, "but a haunt of ancient peace?"

a look of perplexity came into his ruddy little face. he stammered something about indifference to wealth, but i brushed all that aside. he had got to be rich, and it was no good his stammering. i gave him to understand the sort of man i was, and that i had had very considerable business experience. i did not tell him i was an undischarged bankrupt at the time, because that was temporary, but i think i reconciled my evident poverty with my financial claims. and quite insensibly, in the way such projects grow, the understanding of a cavorite monopoly grew up between us. he was to make the stuff, and i was to make the boom.
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