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chasing rabbits is "out"...lying on top of doghouses is "in"!

tied wi' a silken string,
whilk i sent to thee
frae the far countrie,
a message of love to bring?"

"it cam' to me frae the far countrie
wi' its silken string and a';
but it wasna prepaid,"
said that high-born maid,
"sae i gar'd them tak' it awa'."

"o ever alack
that ye sent it back,
it was written sae clerkly and well!
now the message it brought,
and the boon that it sought,
i must even say it mysel'."

"'you are far from being a bad man'
signature, 'oscar b. wilder.'"

friday xxx

everyone's talking about dreams lately.
so yesterday i was so wrapped up in a dream that i ignored my alarm clock going off for a full hour. this is unusual. but it was fine since i didn't really need to be up before i got up. i don't remember much from my dreams when i remember anything (which is rare as well) but this past week i've remembered some. (it seems to help in remembering if part of me is awake, like today when i'm sure some part of me was conscious of the alarm's cries). a certain someone has been in my dreams a lot just lately. today as well. it's nearly impossible for me to communicate 'what happened' in my dreams because as full consciousness returns i immediately begin to lose details, what made sense to dreaming-me no longer does, and i'm left with a few general impressions. why it is so difficult to remember something that was being experienced just moments ago i can't fathom. so i get no interesting dream story and neither do you (despite knowing it was an interesting dream story). so then i flipped on my transcendental winamp shuffler while getting ready for work and the second song up was of course, 'i had too much to dream (last night)' by the electric prunes. it's exactly everything. and later watching the youtube clip of the song (which if you're not familiar with the song, there you go) from a tonight-show-esque show i was treated to barbara feldon as a prunette.

the contrast between the sleeper's appearance and wildeve's at this moment was painfully apparent to eustacia, wildeve being elegantly dressed in a new summer suit and light hat; and she continued: "ah! you don't know how differently he appeared when i first met him, though it is such a little while ago. His hands were as white and soft as mine; and look at them now, how rough and brown they are! His complexion is by nature fair, and that rusty look he has now, all of a colour with his leather clothes, is caused by the burning of the sun."

they passed over the little streams and among the orchards quickly and silently, as if they feared to speak lest the city should vanish.

the wall of the city was very low, a child could see over it, for it was made only of precious stones, which are never large. the gate of the city was not like a gate a all, for it was not barred with iron or wood, but only a single pearl, softly gleaming, marked the place where the wall ended and the entrance lay open.

let me tell you then what i will do in order that the conversation and discussion may go on as you desire. if protagoras is not disposed to answer, let him ask and i will answer; and i will endeavour to show at the same time how, as i maintain, he ought to answer: and when i have answered as many questions as he likes to ask, let him in like manner answer me; and if he seems to be not very ready at answering the precise question asked of him, you and i will unite in entreating him, as you entreated me, not to spoil the discussion. and this will require no special arbiter--all of you shall be arbiters.

it just might be the day
that they're gonna throw it back to me
by now
i should've somehow
realized what i've gotta do
do you believe that anybody
feels the way you do
about me now?
the word is on the street
that the fire in my heart is out
you're sure
that i've heard it all before
but i never used to have a doubt
do you believe that anybody
feels the way you do
about me now?
and all the roads we have to walk are winding
and all the lights that lead us there are blinding
is there anything that you would like to say to me?
and just don't know how?
because maybe
i'm gonna be the one that saves thee
and after all
be your wonderwall

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