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i am sick of winter and would like some sunshine now please

sunday xxxi

because the floor was full of drafts he was always catching cold, and snuffling because his nose ran. This made him a nuisance, and a source of endless trouble in the family. for his mother, with unnatural perversity, loved him best of all her children, and made a perpetual fuss over him--would let him do anything undisturbed, and would burst into tears when his fretting drove jurgis wild.

and now he died. perhaps it was the smoked sausage he had eaten that morning--which may have been made out of some of the tubercular pork that was condemncd as unfit for export. at any rate, an hour after eating it, the child had begun to cry with pain, and in another hour he was rolling about on the floor in convulsions.

"it may not be so very musty," said madame; "and you know, my dear, straw is clean, and i am sorry, but you do seem to be the one to ride with the children on the straw, because" -- madame dropped her voice -- "you are really younger, you know, than either miss acton or i."
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