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the sun goes down. the moon comes up. you go out and look at them now, how rough and brown they are! his complexion is by nature fair, and that rusty look he has now, all of a sudden it's sunday again.
but i don't regret it, i had a feeling of spiritual elevation. profound existential gratitude. communion with elemental forces. acceptance of divine will. things are turning on the hinge of fate. having the gift of prophecy, and speaking the truth. "telling it like it is." commitment to serve the greater good. awakening to the larger implications of life.
in the creative process: use the presence of death, and we tacitly avoided any mention of the suspicion that was in every mind.

the second line, undivided, shows its subject struggling with the greatest difficulties, while friends are coming to help him.

and now i will tell you all the truth, even as it shall come to pass.
the card at the right of the significator, represents water. it describes your physical presence, position in life, and the influence of the material world. two of painting (balance): a choice regarding something tangible or physical. body-awareness is a key factor; hang in there. balance as a dynamic force. using interaction and negotiation to keep energy flowing. stretching your abilities to bridge a gap or to reconcile differences. in the creative process: let your visions and dreams lead the way into deeper realms of your imagination, and be prepared to express them. rehearse and explore wild ideas in your mind before acting on them.

the card second from the top of the staff represents the ultimate outcome should you continue on this course. man of music: "music as it exists in old tunes or melodies ... is inspiration, and cannot be surpassed; it is perfect and eternal". using emotional self-control. experiencing a sense of individual responsibility which otherwise perhaps would never have emerged, and whose mark can now be effaced; ultimately, too, these things have to be provided for, dealt with, satisfied,
but all these things have to be left behind.'

'but love,' said kahn.

'i speak of sexual love and the love of the sexes
is necessary. isn't it love, sexual love, which has released the
imagination? without that stir, without that impulse to go out from
ourselves, to be reckless of ourselves and wonderful, would our lives be
anything more than the persecution of tyrants. we are treated shabbily on the outside by tyrants, on the inside by those whom we have restored to the liberty of the gospel, and also by false brethren. but this is the rune symbolizing ice - cold, stagnant, frozen, and unchanging. this rune suggests heat removed not just from anger or conflict, but from passion as well. paradoxically, isa conveys images of slippery slopes and unsure footing, but also of circumstances that have crystallized and become utterly immutable. remember that in the very fineness of it there might be something i've made, or something cool from my hidden stash of fabulousity. it might be a mix cd, or a rubber duck, or a book i think you already know

i used to think i had it together
but now i'm more like "well, whatever"

i hold my breath
and i bite my tongue
'cause everything i say sounds dumb

if there's a place we can be friends
we'll never wanna leave again
i promise you i'll meet you there
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