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they're gonna wanna know how we got in here/and they're gonna wanna know how we plan to get out

this is my skeleton.
and this is the skin it's in.

wednesday xxxi
the third line, undivided, shows its subject about to advance with strong and determined looks. there will be evil. however, the superior man, bent on cutting off the criminal, will walk alone and encounter the rain, till he be hated by his proper associates as if he were contaminated by the others. in the end there will be no blame against him.
the fifth line, undivided, shows the small men like a bed of purslain, which ought to be uprooted with the utmost determination. the subject of the line having such determination, his action, in harmony with his central position, will lead to no error or blame.

"where the devil are we?" said the stout huntsman, mopping his
forehead and leaning against the trunk of a tree nearly opposite to
his companion, for he felt unequal to the effort of leaping the ditch
between them.

"that's for me to ask you," said the other, laughing, as he lay among
the tall brown brake which crowned the bank. then, throwing the end of
his cigar into the ditch, he cried out vehemently: "i swear by saint
hubert that never again will i trust myself in unknown territory with
a statesman, though he be, like you, my dear d'albon, a college mate."

"but, philippe, have you forgotten your french? or have you left your
wits in siberia?" replied the stout man, casting a sorrowfully comic
look at a sign-post about a hundred feet away.

to those old allies whose cultural and spiritual origins we share: we pledge the loyalty of faithful friends. united. . .there is little we cannot do in a host of co-operative ventures. divided. . .there is little we can do. . .for we dare not meet a powerful challenge, at odds, and split asunder.

but i was in these days literally able to find a joy in the extraordinary flight of heroism the occasion demanded of me. i now saw that i had been asked for a service admirable and difficult; and there would be a greatness in letting it be seen--oh, in the right quarter!-- that i could succeed where many another girl might have failed. it was an immense help to me--i confess i rather applaud myself as i look back!--that i saw my service so strongly and so simply. i was there to protect and defend the little creatures in the world the most bereaved and the most lovable, the appeal of whose helplessness had suddenly become only too explicit.

the eyes of joan de tany alight with the fire of battle as she followed every move of the wondrous sword play of roger de conde.

he knew not fear. he was daring where daring was the wiser part. crafty, tireless and implacable, wetzel was incomparable in his vocation. his long raven-black hair, of which he was vain, when combed out reached to within a foot of the ground. he had a rare scalp, one for which the indians would have bartered anything.

daily extended:
take only what you need today -- discard all the excess junk. it's better if you travel light and avoid baggage of any kind right now. you might be asked to move or travel somewhere at the very last minute, so you'll want to stay as streamlined and flexible as possible. it's likely that you'll really enjoy living a more spartan lifestyle, too. so could a full-fledged house cleaning be in your future? if it is, you'll have a blast getting rid of all the clutter.

nothing here to fear/i'm just sitting around being foolish/when there is work to be done
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