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friday xxxi

hermogenes says that, seeing socrates discoursing on every topic rather than that of his impending trial, he roundly put it to him whether he ought not to be debating the line of his defence, to which socrates in the first instance answered: "what! do i not seem to you to have spent my whole life in meditating my defence?" and when hermogenes asked him, "how?" he added: "by a lifelong persistence in doing nothing wrong, and that i take to be the finest practice for his defence which a man could devise."

down the road toward the south ran the oskaloosa kid with all the fleetness of youth spurred on by terror.

the second line, undivided, shows its subject straightened amidst his wine and viands. there come to him the red knee-covers of the ruler. it will be well for him to maintain his sincerity, as in sacrificing. active operations on his part will lead to evil, but he will be free from blame.

thus continue your sport from four in the morning till eight.
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