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could be that i'm just losin'/my touch/or maybe you think my moustache/is too much

sometimes i feel that i'm misunderstood
the river's runnin' deep right through my blood
and it always seems we're runnin' out of time
we're out of patron
out of patron
out of patron

the record player keeps on turnin' round
it could be stuck or maybe it's a sound
all the time i should be there with you
but maybe i'm just searchin' for the truth
or maybe i'm just searchin' for the truth

and it always seems we're runnin' out of time
we're out of patron
out of patron
we're out of patron

monday xxxii

editorials crowded upon editorials. rumors were added to rumors. story tellers of every kind crowded to the front.

a long wait, and full of heartbreak and hope deferred

o woe,
you cannot reade it there, there through my teares--
like wrinckled peobles in a glassie streame
you may behold 'em. lady, lady, alacke,
he that will all the treasure know o'th earth
must know the center too; he that will fish
for my least minnow, let him lead his line
to catch one at my heart. o pardon me:
extremity, that sharpens sundry wits,
makes me a foole.

under a black roof of smoke men talked of their sport. men that boasted, and praised, and jeered--men that would have been our friends in the morning, but on that night were already our enemies. we paddled swiftly past. we had no more friends in the country of our birth.

those profits and comforts and consolations are the inducements that dangle before the eyes of the spiritually blind. wealth is an embarrassment to the religious, for god calls them to account for it. the servant of god has no business with wealth or power except to use them immediately in the service of god.

i think i have hyperopia
or maybe more simply malopia
it's a simple calculation
a worthless commodity
and if you knew nothing could replace it
so what
the struggle within
god only knows lonely days
please send me icing and decorating sets
i enclose a cheque and postal order number
at least we have nothing to look forward to
we won't
need to
emerge from
we won't
need to
tear away
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