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these are the good times people!

and you
can make it last
forever you
can have
at the threshold
of gaining all or losing all

barely into tuesday xxxii

anything's hard to change
but hey
coming along real good
but i still can't do
most of the things i should
i watch the sky
comin' down
to bury me and
i can't stop this
crawlin' out of my skin
i know that
you see yourself flyin' in
out of the sky
coming down
to carry me
but i won't come out
no you can't count on me

he's the boy with the messy mind
its hard to find the time to clear it
he's the boy with the broken brain
not insane but never happy
sharpen up those fangs
not insane but never happy

the sound of a softly knowing laugh nearly drove him to despair. he swore violently under his breath. the fool would keep him awake all night now for certain. he cursed his luck. he wanted to forget his maddening troubles in sleep sometimes.

i will ask you to receive that as an excuse for my hand of write.

in the street he was seized with a sudden apprehension. What if he were to meet flamel? the thought was intolerable.

"bad, very bad; why don't you say, 'death carries on its ravages amongst the few surviving defenders of the monarchy and the old and faithful servants of the king, whose heart bleeds under these reiterated blows?'"
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