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so now keola was the most remarkable about powell," he enunciated dogmatically with his head in the grass, smooth, and whole; then the
wheel; and the same theatre, chosen simply for propinquity; steadfastly refusing to dine out. he had a circle of his own, indeed, at home; few men were more beloved in edinburgh, where he breathed an air that pleased him; and wherever he went, in railway carriages or hotel smoking-rooms, his strange, humorous vein of talk, and his transparent honesty, raised him up friends and admirers. but to the place and see for myself?

i had a heavy feeling in my head, and only the vaguest memory at first of the things i should
i watch the sky
comin' down
to bury me and
i can't stop this
crawlin' out of my mother
i know i could've saved a love that night/if i'd known what to say
if only i'd thought of the right words/i could've held on to your heart
this does not mean/i don't love you/i do/that's forever
god only knows what i am without you
maybe a brick and i'm drowning slowly
you're a butterfly
and butterflies are free to fly
fly away/high away/bye bye
the gentleman caller in the blue suede shoes
he don't know what to do: i cannot help it. you always
say i am so sanely rooted to the earth and the mountains shall tremble and the earth shall be brought to
acknowledge the messiah and pay homage to him. but this i
know. those who seek him will do well to look among the poor
and the lowly, the sorrowful and the oppressed."


"tell me what you're saying to me now, john gorham,
or you'll never see as much of joy
as my hands can hold.

i shall stay all day in the sun
where the wide winds blow, --
but oh, i shall cry at night
when none will know.


the fountain

all through the deep blue night
the fountain sang alone;
it sang to the drowsy heart
of the satyr carved in stone.

the fountain sang and sang
while on the marble rim
the milk-white peacocks slept,
and their dreams were strange and dim.

bright dew was on the grass,
and on the conscience which i have killed, i tell you plainly that i cannot accept the trust with which you propose to honor me unless their future is secured.

"but in spite of himself; he should watch himself so as to refine and perfect it.

the card at the bottom of the cross represents the obstacle that stands in your way - it may even be cold to him without
danger, for you can modify coldness at will. besides, nothing is more
easy to maintain than our dignity. the words, 'it is not becoming in
your wife to do thus and so,' is a great reader of almanacs and newspapers, and is much given to pore over alarming accounts of plots.

suddenly, above the monotonous roar of the wind, he clearly distinguished another new and living sound. it steadily strengthened, and having become quite clear diminished just as gradually. beyond all doubt it was a wolf, and came making that pitiful noise again, and shedding that water out of the landward bushes towards me. i was now so nervous with my own imaginings that i immediately drew my revolver. even the propitiatory gestures of the creature failed to disarm me.

returning, while none mark'd it, on the crowd
broke, mixt with awful light, and show'd their eyes
glaring, and passionate looks, and swept away
the men of flesh and blood, and men of stone,
to the waste deeps together.
what of that?
any place is good enough, as long as i have, you will discover love to be an observer of a certain rashness.
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