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sunday xxxiii
faith of the faithless
hope of the hopeless
love of the loveless

if you're unfamiliar, you should pay heed to the grand oral disseminator.

so i'm planning on seeing the band the paper chase when they're in town on thursday; flipping through the channels this morning, a movie on amc catches my eye; look it up & sure enough it's the paper chase.

you don't need eyes to see
you need vision

a more curious creature they had seldom seen

"mighty is my peril, and mighty are the penalties that i deserve, and many deaths do i merit, for that i have been guilty of neglect of thy behests, and have brought on thee such sorrow as never before."

his favorite axioms were that, to secure happiness, a woman must marry a man of her own class; that every one was punished sooner or later for having climbed too high; that love could so little endure under the worries of a household, that both husband and wife needed sound good qualities to be happy, that it would not do for one to be far in advance of the other, because, above everything, they must understand each other; if a man spoke greek and his wife latin, they might come to die of hunger.

caesar primum suo, deinde omnium ex conspectu remotis equis, ut aequato omnium periculo spem fugae tolleret, cohortatus suos proelium commisit. milites loco superiore pilis missis facile hostium phalangem perfregerunt. ea disiecta gladiis destrictis in eos impetum fecerunt.

the top left card represents the first possible outcome. two of poetry (individuality), when reversed: mistaking personal perception for the zeitgeist. being blinded by the appearances of things. treating the objective as subjective. believing that self-knowledge cannot be found through consultation with others. deciding between societal and individual points of view. looking for something in the wrong place. in the creative process: distinguish between the expression of your self and the expression of your ego; discover the difference between wise individuality and unwise individualism.

the top right card represents the second possible outcome. four of painting (means), when reversed: obsession with material prosperity and contentment. attachment to money and material goods. creative achievements blocked by lack of material resources. consolidation of personnel and materials at the expense of the objective at hand. overwhelming need for order and structure. emphasis on controlling, dominating, or monopolizing. in the creative process: before reaching out for creative inspiration, prepare the groundwork: by appropriately allocating your resources and assigning creative tasks.

the middle left card represents the force drawing you towards the first possible outcome. eight of painting (discipline): proper pacing or management of your workload or time. taking control of a difficult situation. following the lead of a mentor or inner guide. a need for physical assessment and self-improvement. seek appropriate education and training. step-by-step progress. diligence and perseverance. tackling a mountain of work. in the creative process: even though you may have a long way to go, a methodical approach incorporating guidance and training will ultimately lead you to the top.

the middle right card represents the force drawing you towards the second possible outcome. forgiveness, when reversed: unwillingness to learn from mistakes. magnifying errors out of proportion. refusal to hear the inner voice. lack of forgiveness and compassion.

the bottom card represents the critical factor that decides what will come to pass. innocence, when reversed: misinterpreting something old and conventional as something new and unique. failure to trust your instincts. a foolhardy venture, or confrontation for which you are unprepared.
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