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what is it about wednesdays?

i feel like i'm still there
sitting around being foolish
when there is work to be done

wednesday xxxiii

"gad, that smells good!" cried harry.
i shuddered.

for there are no other names to which appeal can be made, but obviously recourse must be had to another standard which, without employing names, will make clear which of the two are right; and this must be a standard which shows the truth of things.

"i know that, my friend, i know that without your telling me," said the staff-captain. "oh, these beasts! they are delighted to seize any pretext for extorting a tip!"
"you must confess, however," i said, "that we should be worse off without them."

they know who dared the anger of taman,
and watched that night above the clinging mists,
far up the hill, bisesa's passing in.
she set her hand upon the carven door,
fouled by a myriad bats, and black with time,
whereon is graved the glory of taman
in letters older than the ao-safai

"why, of course!" said madame evangelista, interrupting him, "but are not marriage contracts always made by agreement of the notaries of both families?"

"saxon," answered maceagh, "do not regret having exchanged the foul breath of yonder dungeon for the free air of heaven. above all, repent not that you have served a son of the mist. put yourself under my guidance, and i will warrant your safety with my head."

even still
the eagle has to land
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