cleaning up so well (jones_casey) wrote,
cleaning up so well

auto tuned

tuesday vi

in the third line, he seems to see a balloon; and next, he found out that nat parsons was going down to hollywood
they're gonna make a movie
from the things that i forgot
to do
for you
and all the times
i had the chance to

i had a lover
it's so hard to risk another
these days
these days
and if i seem
to be afraid
to live the life
that i have made
in song
well it's just that i've been losin'
for so long

well i keep on movin'
movin' on
things are bound to be improvin'
these days
one of these days
these days i sit on cornerstones
and count the times
in quarter tones to ten
my friend
don't confront me with my failures
i have not forgotten them
Tags: automatic writing

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