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tuesday xxxiv

i'm moving to australia!

"it's the whole thing," he asserted. "it's the one dividing line between
good and evil. i've never met a man who led a rotten life and didn't
have a weak will."
"how about great criminals?"
"they're usually insane. if not, they're weak. there is no such thing
as a strong, sane criminal."
"burne, i disagree with you altogether; how about the superman?"
"he's evil, i think, yet he's strong and sane."
"i've never met him. i'll bet, though, that he's stupid or insane."
"i've met him over and over and he's neither. that's why i think you're
"i'm sure i'm not--and so i don't believe in imprisonment except for the

if it is to do that it must rearrange the scale of values. it must regard economic interests as one element in life, not as the whole of life.

when he had come to see me, the recent news of marguerite's death had not exaggerated his former love, and consequently his sorrow, and i said to myself that perhaps he had already forgotten the dead woman, and along with her his promise to come and see me again. this supposition would have seemed probable enough in most instances, but in armand's despair there had been an accent of real sincerity, and, going from one extreme to another, i imagined that distress had brought on an illness, and that my not seeing him was explained by the fact that he was ill, perhaps dead.

change does not have to be dramatic -- if you are looking to mix things up in your life and make things work differently, you don't have to completely transform everything. that's so hard for you to wrap your head around, it gives you a good excuse for you to not even try, right? wrong! take baby steps toward the life you want to have.
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