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sunday lxxviii

6. claus discovers humanity

the dinner was cheerful. roger was no longer the melancholy shade that was wont to pass along the rue du tourniquet; he was not the "black gentleman," but rather a confiding young man ready to take life as it came.

the lesser hordes had commenced looting and quarreling among themselves, so it was decided that we collect what warriors we could, man as many vessels as possible with zodangan prisoners and make for helium without further loss of time.

"i have been told, liebchen. each night he sits there, and when she finishes her song he rises in the box, kisses the flowers and tosses them to her."

"shameless! is she so beautiful?"

"no. but you shall see. she comes."

that little moment was lost now in the dim and distant past of things which were but can never be again, and with it the good intentions had gone to join the impossible.

since then tarzan of the apes had felt a warm, lithe form close pressed to his. hot, sweet breath against his cheek and mouth had fanned a new flame to life within his breast, and perfect lips had clung to his in burning kisses that had seared a deep brand into his soul--a brand which marked a new tarzan.

again he laid his hand upon her arm. again she repulsed him. and then tarzan of the apes did just what his first ancestor would have done.

he took his woman in his arms and carried her into the jungle.

do not go to the window during daylight; but you may walk by night with the keeper if you wish for exercise.
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