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my groundhog day is probably, pretty much, the life i lead.
which is prolly why people relate to the film.
'cause everyone feels, to a certain extent, that they're living the same day over and over again.
i feel like i'm stuck with myself.
i keep making the same mistakes over and over again.
every time there's a potential for a disagreement with my wife, i say:
'oh, don't say that.'
'i know i shouldn't say that.'
'this is really gonna piss her off.'
'don't say it!'
and then i say it.

that's for making me care about you!

how many times do you have to relive the same argument with someone?
or make the same mistake in your life?
the key to groundhog day, for any of us, and for me in particular is:
having the insight, the courage, and the energy, to make those changes.
when you come to those moments.
where you could make the same mistake again.
we face those choices every single day.
the things we tell ourselves we're going to do.
the things we tell ourselves we shouldn't do.
if you can change one little thing...
then everything might change.

and to that extent i feel somewhat stuck.
probably less so than a lot of people...
'cause...i've known bill murray.
who are not afraid to walk to the edge,
to really shake things up, to take big chances in life.
and i've come to my own life...
what...what risk-taking can mean in a positive sense.
and how positively you can change your life if you're just willing to act on it.

something is different.

good or bad?

anything different is good.

*harold ramis

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