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tell them what you really think. otherwise, nothing will change.

friday lxxxi

then, as clearly as i could, i related how, the night before, a shot had roused us; that my niece and i had investigated and found a body; that i did not know who the murdered man was until mr. jarvis from the club informed me, and that i knew of no reason why mr. arnold armstrong should steal into his father's house at night. i should have been glad to allow him entree there at any time.

alas, sir, you triumphed. as we supped, you gained upon my heart. your character, your talents, your designs for our unhappy country, all had been misrepresented. i began to forget you were a prince; i began, all too feelingly, to remember that you were a man. as i saw the hour approach, i suffered agonies untold; and when, at last, we heard the slamming of the door which announced in my unwilling ears the arrival of the partner of my crime, you will bear me out with what instancy i besought you to depart. you would not, alas! and what could i? kill you, i could not; my heart revolted, my hand turned back from such a deed.

i schal hem change in other weie,
and al the feture of thi face
in such a wise i schal deface,
that every man thee schal forbere.

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