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on january 26, 2006, phoenix was in a car accident in hollywood on a winding canyon road that flipped his car over. the crash reportedly was caused by brake failure. phoenix:

i remember this knocking on the passenger window. there was this german voice saying:

"just relax."

there's the airbag, i can't see and i'm saying:

"i'm fine. i am relaxed."

finally, i rolled down the window and this head pops inside. and he said:

"no. you're not."

and suddenly i said to myself, 'that's werner herzog.' there's something so calming and beautiful about werner herzog's voice. i felt completely fine and safe. i climbed out. i got out of the car and i said:

"thank you."

and he was gone.


as for his last successful movie, the actor revealed he doesn't like watching himself and also stated that the end of filming "johnny cash" movie threw him in a big depression:

"i hate watching myself. i went through confusion and depression. after a film like this, i lose those things that help define me and make me comfortable. i go through this thing of, 'what am i? what do i do?'

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